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Shoesday: Velvet Wedding Shoes

Happy Shoesday, all!

I hope that you had a spectacular weekend. I spent most of mine drooling over these boots by Born:

velvet boots

Aren’t they gorgeous? I keep trying to think of reasons to purchase them... of course, then I’d need to explain how they ended up on my feet, and since it’s the holiday season, I’ll wait a bit... maybe.

So. In honor of my coveted boots, I thought that this week I’d venture into the fabulous world of velvet. It’s soft, fluffy, and just screams winter, which, unless you live in Texas, you’re experiencing right about now. But how do you pair sumptuous velvet with a dreamy dress?

How to Wear Velvet Shoes

Wearing velvet is fairly easy. I love a mix of soft and hard, and if you’re wearing satin or silk, then you’ve got the right amount of sleek to be able to pair up with some gorgeous velvet shoes. I’m personally partial to velvet pumps with satin and silk.

Velvet is dramatic, but also quietly understated.

If you’re going to wear velvet shoes, remember that they show dust, so keep them covered up in their dustbags until you’re ready to wear them.

velvet pumps
From top left: Aldo Widdowson Pump, Stuart Weitzman Rowswoon Pump,
Bottega Venta Velvet Pump, Stuart Weitzman Hammock Pump

I know that I said I prefer velvet heels, and I do. But I also realize that it’s just a personal preference. So I’ve collected a few flats for those of you whom prefer to be comfortable.

velvet flats
From top left: Stuart Weitzman Lastikon Flat, Emma Hope Magic Basket Flat,
Taryn Rose Brigid Flat, Bottega Venta Velvet Flat

Don’t you love that the flowers on the last pair are velvet, too? Now, if you’re more adventurous (and a girl after my own heart), then you’re going to love this next batch of velvet shoes.

I’ll warn you... they’re definitely not for the timid, but they will take amazing pictures. So, if you’re looking for something a little outside the box (YAY!), then check out these shoes:

velvet drama
From top left: Sam Edelman Roza Pump, Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Pump,
Guiseppe Zanotti Velvet Sandal, Stuart Weitzman Specify Pump

Don't you just love the detailing? The studs, the platform... the piping... the oxford?! I'm in heaven.

And, I just couldn’t resist combining the fabulousness of glitter with velvet, a’la these awesome pumps by Menbur...

velvet bow

Do you love them? I know. I saved the best for last this week.

The blue wedding shoes of blogger Brea Gunn

Brea Gunn is a blogger and writer living in Houston, TX with her husband and son. When she's not hyperventilating as a result of chasing her son, Smalls, you will find her immersed in any one of her writing projects. Her current obsessions include shoes of any kind, healthy eating, fashion, and sewing. According to her husband, she is very opinionated. Brea doesn't always agree with him.

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