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Real Engagement Session: Beautiful Imagery at the Rockland Boulders Stadium

Stadium Seats

While I'm not one that usually jumps at engagement sessions, when I saw the photos of Jenny and Tom from Christine Studios, I nearly fell over. They were...well, for lack of a more descriptive word, awesome. I love seeing couples in love, and seeing them in their element is even better. 

Engagement ring on baseball

This couple truly glows as their love of baseball blends into their love for each other. You can almost smell the freshly cut grass, the new seats, hear the crowd...yet the true beauty of this session is the quiet. The lack of other people. The juxtaposition of a huge stadium against the backdrop of the newly engaged couple, is fantastic. And that's probably why it completely took my breath away. 


All photos courtesy of Christine Studios

 The blue wedding shoes of blogger Brea GunnBrea Gunn is a blogger and writer living in Houston, TX with her husband and son. When she's not hyperventilating as a result of chasing her son, Smalls, you will find her immersed in any one of her writing projects. Her current obsessions include shoes of any kind, healthy eating, fashion, and sewing. According to her husband, she is very opinionated. Brea doesn't always agree with him.

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