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Ideas For a Hollywood Movie Theme Wedding

Inspiring Themes for an Unforgettable Wedding

Today, brides from all over the world are looking for wedding ideas that will turn their wedding day from a dream to a reality. Yes, you can have your cake and eat itA movie inspired wedding cake with red roses and a top hat too!

So, how do you go from plain, ordinary, same as the Smith's wedding into a wedding you, your fiancé and your family and friends will never forget? Create a theme that is prevalent in every aspect of your wedding! Today, we will start a series on unique, memorable, and fabulous wedding themes and ideas. Whether you are looking for an elegant, black tie affair or you want to throw an all night party bash your friends will enjoy, get ready for some fantastic wedding sensations!

Hollywood Theatre Theme

Do you have a movie you watched over and over with your fiancé?  Maybe your movie has become an icon of the love affair you share. Or maybe both you and your fiancé are big movie buffs and just want to play tribute to a movie you love, evidenced through out your wedding theme. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started!

  • Design your wedding invitations in the style of a movie ticket. And for added flavor, your RSVP should look like a ticket stub.
  • Decorate in red, black, and gold. Think "A Night At the Oscars."
  • Your wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses, should be styled for a red carpet entrance.A red carpet to the entrance of the wedding reception
  • Speaking of red carpet, at the entrance of the isle, decorate with red carpet and gold mark off pole, just like the Oscars.
  • Place setting cardholders can look like the clapboards used by directors while filming a movie.
  • The Bride and Groom seats can be tagged "Directors Chair- Bride" and "Co- Director- Groom."
  • A theatre candy counter/concession stand would be so much fun to re-create! Insert "admit one" tickets into each wedding program, and let the guest present the ticket at the concession counter. The ticket affords them one drink and one favor. Of course, your favors should be boxed candy or candy bars with personalized labels. Or boxes of popcorn, just like at a theater.
  • A really wild idea would be popcorn, minus the butter and salt, instead of birdseed. A black top hat and feathers wedding centerpiece
  • Decorate with glamorous flowers, such as calla lilies and big, red or white roses. Or feathers and feather boas make fabulous statements at this themed wedding!

Ok, are you ready to send out the invitations?


Tammy Pleasant is a writer, mother who enjoys writing about marriage, romance, education, Tammy Pleasantteens, family life, and anything about raising children.  With over 12 years in the wedding business, she is now helping plan her daughter's wedding.

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