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Go Vintage! Wedding Inspiration

Boho PrincessIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of vintage style. But until recently, I was in love with new things that are made to look vintage rather than actual vintage pieces. I turned my nose up, looking at vintage finds as someone else’s garbage and automatically thinking they would have that old lady’s Criss-Cross Dressattic smell. But it’s not true! I’m not really sure what caused the dramatic turn around, but I am suddenly finding myself longing for vintage everything: dresses, accessories, even home décor. Going vintage is a great (eco-friendly!!!) option.

I absolutely love the idea of incorporating vintage finds into your wedding day look. Each piece carries with it a lifetime of stories and there’s something so powerful about that. I’ve heard some people shut down the idea, superstitious about what may have happened in the lives (or marriages) of the people who owned the pieces. But instead, look at these finds as small tales of endurance. No matter what trials and tribulations they’ve suffered, they have made it through—a great lesson to incorporate into your wedding day. Thanks to places like Etsy, Ebay and the plethora of vintage and consignment shops throughout the Hudson Valley, you can easily put together a bridal look comprised of all vintage pieces.

Flapper HatIf you’ve made the decision to wear a vintage wedding gown, you probably know exactly what type of look you want. Are you a hippie at heart? Casual, flowy pieces like this gorgeous 70s Boho Princess wedding dress (above left) would be perfect for you. This pretty cotton-blend dress offered by Lotus Vintage NY is great for a low-key outdoor ceremony. The flutter sleeves and pretty lace detail are sweet touches, while the deep v criss-cross neckline adds a little touch of sexiness.

If you’re in the market for something a little more traditional, Timeless Vixen Vintage offers this cool floor-length criss-cross halter dress from the 60s (above right). Unique and a perfect cut for most body types (it nips in at the waist and flairs out at the hips), just about any bride will look gorgeous in this dress.Peep Toe Heels

A vintage hairpiece adds so much charm to your wedding day look. I am in love with this piece offered by Capricious Traveler. This gorgeous feather hat (above left) from the 40s is totally unique. I mean, have you ever gone to a wedding where a bride wore anything like it?! The combination of feathers and a touch of sequins are just exquisite. Can you hear me squealing from here?

You can also find some really cute vintage shoes. I love these little peep toe heels from Animal Head Vintage. Between the peep toe and the adorable bow, these shoes Glam Earringswould look fabulous with a tea length dress—not to say they wouldn’t be equally fabulous with a longer gown, but a short look would let them shine!

Jewelry is probably the most obvious thing to turn to vintage pieces for. With so many vintage-inspired looks in the market, why not go with something that is actually vintage? These sweet little screw-back earrings from Lila-Jo are a great place to start. An absolute steal at just $6, these earrings would bring a nice punch of glamour to any look. They would look stunning paired with this absolutely breathtaking (and pristine!) Bridal Bow pin from Coloradofinds. Glimmer BowFrom circa 1920s-30s, this brooch is in amazing condition with absolutely no discoloration of the stones or worn plating. This beauty would be perfect to accent your gown or even to wear in your hair!

Yet another fabulous find is this Art Deco bracelet owned by Jan Cox of Aged and Opulent Jewelry. Sparkly and regal looking, the cobalt blue glass stones are to die for. This piece is perfect to add “something blue” to your look while upping your Art Deco Braceletglam factor.

As you can see, you can find so many incredible vintage pieces that would look gorgeous on any bride. All you have to do is a little digging around in the right places.

Jennifer GarryJennifer Garry is a writer and accessories designer living in Westchester, NY with her husband and daughter. When she's not up to her ears in kiddie crafts, you can find her swimming in a pool of beads. Her obsessions include tea, chocolate, sarcasm and her daughter's giggle--any of which can be used to coax her from her little jewelry-making fantasy world.


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