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First Comes Love, Then Comes… Pregnancy Boudoir?

Weddings are often like that schoolyard song - there’s a sequence to them.   And with the average age of wedding couples creeping closer to 30, many times the newlyweds are hot to start a family right away. So perhaps a natural next thing to think about trying is a little prego boudoir. It makes a great anniversary gift!

pregnancy boudoir

Making the Most of your Pregnancy Shoot

Timing is key to a great pregnancy photo shoot. The best time to do a shoot is when you are big enough to be sporting a nice, recognizable bump, but not so close to your due date that you’re not feeling as physically comfortable or, worse, miss the shoot if the baby arrives early. Different body types, family histories and the way a woman carries the baby in her body (more internally, lower, higher, etc.) dictates how her body will look and react during pregnancy. Even the same woman with multiple pregnancies might find each one of them very different from the next. So this is a generalization that should be considered with a grain og salt: sometime between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy is often ideal for photos of the sexy mama.

pregnancy photo

If you’re doing your pregnancy shoot on location at your home, schedule it for a time of day when the natural light is brightest ot hitting the windows. That’ll give your photographer more to work with, and give you softer, less commercial-feeling pictures.

Talk to your photographer ahead of time about his/her vision for the shoot. You might even do some website research on other photographers’ blogs and websites or on sites devoted to pregnancy and parenting. You can share with your photographer the images that appeal to you and get ideas for poses you might want to try. Starting the collaboration with your photographer ahead of time will help you both to prepare, as well as start a rapport to build on at the shoot.

What to Wear and Prepare

When doing a photo shoot at your house, it’s helpful to straighten up first, especially in spaces that have good light. Have some cozy couches and your bed prepped for pictures, as well as anywhere near a window, by minimizing clutter around them, arranging pillows and blankets, and hiding unnecessary elements away.   With just a few areas tidied, even, you can jump in and out of the various backgrounds with minimal setup. This ability to flow will mean more relaxed, fun photos.

Set out a bunch of scarves, blankets and clothes with drape and texture (but downplay the patterns) that you can play with. Wear form-fitting clothing in solid colors or black to show off your shape and help you look slim, and have your favorite lingerie or bathing suits at the ready for when you feel warmed up. Most of all, choose things to wear that make you feel comfortable and sexy.

veiled pregnant belly

Are the Kids All Right?

This might be your second or third pregnancy, or perhaps your partner has a child from a previous relationship. Or maybe you’re less inclined to do a secret boudoir pregnancy shoot and just want some nice portraits. Whatever the case, it’s good to consider ahead of time whether or not you want to include the whole family in the shoot. If so, the shoot might function more like the formals on your wedding day, with a variety of shots taken – people in different combinations, you alone, portraits, body shots, boudoir. You can do it all, and probably in just an hour or two!

When it’s the kids’ turn, remember that they will respond to your attitude. Depending upon the ages of the children, they might be more or less pose-able. If you can, keep your stress level and expectations low, and help them to see the shoot as a fun family event or game. Let kids wander in and out of picture time, and have something ready to keep them busy while you do some photos alone with the photographer. Don’t worry, a pro photographer will be able to grab some great shots with the kids even within a limited or intermittent timeframe.

older sibling

Maybe you don’t feel as sexy and lovely as you usually do, but pregnancy is a really special time. When the baby comes, you’ll realize how amazing it all was and how fleeting. It’s so great to look back on your body’s shape with baby and a pro photog will know how to capture your best form. Who knows? You may even come away from the experience feeling gorgeous and powerful.

So go ahead and gift it to the one who will always share this new little love with you.

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Hillary Harvey is a freelance photographer specializing in wedding photojournalism. Though born in Brooklyn to a long line of Brooklynites, she is a tried-and-true valley girl, having lived most of her life in the Hudson Valley. She also lives online, so catch up with her there!

Photos in this post with the e logo are by Ellie Leonardsmith.

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