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DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Salt Scrubs

This afternoon I was a woman on a mission. Armed with a shopping list, a modest wad of cash, and a vision, I braved the brutal January cold with crafting on my mind. Not just any crafting mind you! I was about to become a wedding crafter!

Of course, the how and why probably deserve a quick explanation before we dive in. After having recently emerged (relatively unscathed) from being a DIY Wedding's Maid of Honor, I wanted to hazard a deeper look into the world of wedding crafts. My previous experience in a crafty wedding consisted of long champagne-fueled hours folding origami roses for wedding favors alongside my bridesmaid comrades. As glamorous as that may sound, when you factor in 100+ wedding guests, suddenly no amount of champagne can make the towering piles of origami paper seem any less daunting.

So before I began my new journey into the world of wedding crafts, I decided that I needed to define my mission a little deeper. Not only do I want to explore some of the fantastic DIY Wedding ideas out there on the web, but I want to put them to my ultimate test! Each craft will be graded on several levels: their cost, their relative ease, the time they take, and their fiance-friendliness. After all, the last thing in the world we want is the groom calling off the entire wedding because the lovely bride has been driven made by, say, folding 150 origami roses!

For my first go I decided that, against my natural inclinations, I would start out with an easier craft. In researching bridesmaid gifts, I came across some lovely recipes for fragrant salt scrubs. Yes, there was a tad of an ulterior motive in pursuing this one – but any bride can scoop up a little bit of this mixture for herself to enjoy as well!


  • Epsom or Sea Salt. You can also try Organic Sugar.

  • Carrier Oil – You can use Olive Oil or Canola Oil, but I splurged on Almond Oil

  • Essential Oils – Oils like Grapefruit or Lavender have mood enhancing properties

  • Food Coloring (optional)


  • Mixing Bowl

  • Plastic or Metal Spoon

  • Pipette (although most essential oils come with a dropper)

  • Jars

altTo make

  1. Take 2 cups of salt/sugar and put into a mixing bowl and combine 1 cup of oil with the salt/sugar mix well.

  2. After salt and oil are mixed put in 8 drops of essential oils in whatever scent(s) you choose. Mix well.

  3. Add one drop of desired food color and mix together.

  4. After everything is mixed together spoon the mixture into the canning jars.

The Stats:

Cost –$20-$30

Difficulty – Easy

Time – About 30 mins

Fiance Friendliness – Just tidy up the kitchen afterward and all should be well!

altThis is a great project for a beginner, like myself. There is minimal measuring and a lot of room to play with the recipe. For a bride that wants to treat her bridesmaids to a thoughtful gift, this is a great way to do it on the cheap and give it a personal touch. Just be aware: given my boyfriend's reaction while I was cooking this up, I have a feeling that this stuff might start mysteriously disappearing from the bathroom! My boyfriend may also suddenly begin to smell of lavender....

  • Some extra virgin olive oils can interfere with the smell of the scrub, so it is best to use a carrier oil with little or no smell. Sunflower oil or grape seed oil have little smell. But as I said, I went in with Almond Oil that has a hint of sweetness and combines well.

  • Organic sugar usually costs more than Epsom salts and doesn’t have the same skin care qualities; however it lends a finer texture to your scrub.

  • If you have never mixed essential oils before it is best to stick with citrus scents, as they mix best. Or you can stick to one basic scent like lavender or peppermint. I found a pre-mixed oil that had lavender and chamomile!

  • If you do decide to use food coloring for your mixture, you will do your gift recipients a favor by choosing colors that they would associate with the scent you have chosen. For example, pink for grapefruit and purple for lavender.


Jen Kiaba Barry

Jen Kiaba is a photographer and burgeoning crafter who lives in Rhinebeck, NY with her lovely boyfriend, two crazy cats and an adorable basset hound. When her hands aren't covered in tacky glue, she specializes in taking romantic portraits of happy couples in the Hudson Valley!

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