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What are the Trendiest Wedding Themes for 2013?

Whether you are getting married yourself or planning to attend the nuptials of a friend or family member in 2013, themed weddings are set to come thick and fast over the next twelve months.  Whereas having a specific theme to a big day only used to happen every so often, it seems that it is now a mandatory requirement, with the response to wedding announcements now often being “so what is your theme?”

We looked at some of the hottest wedding trends that are set to take the world by storm in 2013.

Vintage Weddings

First, vintage fashion exploded into our consciousness. Then, vintage furniture became all the rage, and now, the vintage-themed wedding is fast becoming popular.

The great thing about vintage-inspired wedding days is that it does not take much to give them the all-important authentic feel. No matter where you are getting married, there are enough historical country houses and estates to instantly give you the back drop you want, leaving you to organize what you and your partner will wear, and concentrate on the stress of coming up with a meaningful, non-cringe inducing speech.

Fireworks for all aoccasionsFireworks Themes

Okay, so you probably think that a lot of modern weddings incorporate fireworks displays anyway, but what about making them central to the entire theme of your wedding?

Many venues will now allow you to use special indoor fireworks, meaning you can have spectacular pyrotechnics or a subtle display during the wedding breakfast or the evening party. You can arrange for all of the tables to have sparklers on, for example, or make all the food fireworks-inspired.

Of course, at the end of the evening you can still have the ‘grand finale’ huge display that takes place outside. Take the use of fireworks to a new level and do something different with them, making them an integral part of your wedding day.

Paper lanterns for occasionsPaper Lanterns and Origami

Although this might sound a little odd, it is a great way to get all of your guests involved with your wedding. Task each guest with creating a piece of origami – make it a mandatory part of the invite, if you have to – and use it to decorate your venue as they arrive. Not only will it give your venue a unique feel, it is fun and cost effective to boot.

Paper lanterns are growing in popularity as household decorations, but are not so common that you cannot create something special on a wedding day. The best uses of paper lanterns often incorporate the use of many colours to create vivid and eye-catching effects across the walls of a room, as well as around tables, chairs, and any other features of the room.

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